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"Welcome to the Cafe 80's, where it's always morning in America, even in the afternoo-noo-noon."



Cafe 80's is a premier 80's tribute band, recreating in detail, the authentic sound of that awesome decade. From the music, the movies and style of that era comes a fun, high energy show. Performing Pop, Rock, New Wave and Hair Bands. Cafe 80's plays it all! With some songs that are sure to surprise!!! Don't miss this totally 80's show.





The Band:

Andy Bruno - Lead Vocals

Barry Davis - Guitar/Backing Vocals

Casey Ady - Bass/Backing Vocals

Dan Carter - Drums







Cafe 80's - The Premier 80's Music Experience




     Bringing a BIG show to every stage!


   Formed in 2008, Cafe 80's was brought to the future in a Delorean (okay, maybe not) to help keep 80's music rockin' well into the 21st century. Sharing a love for the decade of synthesizers, HUGE guitar solos and feel good music, Cafe 80's set out to bring the biggest variety of 80's music to the local scene. 10 yrs in and over 150 songs in our catalog, Cafe 80's is committed to delivering a unique set with each performance. We welcome requests from fans and continue to push the envelope for fulfilling those requests as soon as we can. With 80's music still being very popular and nostalgic, many bands will always perform all the 80's hits. Cafe 80's goes even beyond the hits and takes you on a musical journey throughout each performance playing Pop, Rock , New Wave and Hair Bands. Cafe 80's is also known for doing themed shows as well as mini tribute sets by select artists. You never know what's coming next. One thing for sure is you can always plan on having a great time and a lot of FUN at any Cafe 80's show. 



                                                              See you all at the shows!

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